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Cross-Cultural Marketing Studies is the title of my program which is made up of marketing, psychology, anthropology, sociology and Spanish. I have created this major for myself in hopes of working in the study abroad field when I graduate. I was inspired to create this program for myself from my love for the humanities and from the three study abroad experiences that I had during my time at Plymouth State. I went to New Orleans, Spain and Costa Rica, all of which made its mark on my life. I hope to help others to have similar life changing experiences as well.

This semester I researched food culture in the United States and in Costa Rica. I took the knowledge and experience that I gained from my time living in Central America and did research in order to dive deeper into the backstory of their culture. It was in interesting journey comparing the two cultures, seeing the similarities and the differences. Here is my RA.



For my applied project I did an Instagram project called #PSUHumansOfEarth. Each day for the month of April I posted someone’s story about an impactful travel experience that they had, along with some pictures. The purpose of this project was to inspire people, especially young people, to get out and explore the world. By the end of the project I was able to get a variety of different perspectives incorporated in this.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the project.


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  1. Lyndsey, this is great! You made great connections and shared a variety of stories through Instagram — all from the point of view of students studying abroad. Include your RA link as well.

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