Over the course of the semester I have been working on my Personal Learning Network which is what I have used for Twitter for. I was able to use Twitter to communicate with my peers as well as learn more about all aspects of my major, such as travel, study abroad, anthropology, marketing and business.

I certainly used Twitter the most when I was sharing my applied project. Everyday for the month of April I shared one person’s travel or cross-cultural experience on my personal Instagram account. I took my favorite part of their response, a few pictures, and a link to the specific post and I tweeted in order to add to my PLN.

The other part of my mostly PLN was retweeting what I found interesting, whether it be an interesting travel post, an inspiring quote, or something from the Interdisciplinary Studies department. There was a wide range of things that I tweeted over the course of the semester, however my favorite tweet was when I said that I was disappointed that could not study abroad again since I am graduating, and AIFS tweeted back to me! And the CEO of the company favorited my tweet! It was wonderful to have them respond to my tweet since that is the field that I hope to be working eventually.


I have seen the how powerful and useful a PLN can be when it is used right. All you have to do is tweet out a question and your network will respond within seconds when a robust PLN has been made. I have also seen that it is challenging to create something that powerful in a matter of a few months. In order to have a PLN this strong I would have to continue to network and be active on twitter. I would have to work for it, as it is something I create and not something that I am given.

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