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For my research article, I have decided to research food in Costa Rica and in the United States. Some topics that I will cover is how cultures have chosen their food, how they prepare it, how it has evolved, table manners, nutrition, all of which I will research how they change, or remain static, over time.


One book that I have chosen for my research is Food is Culture. In this text is a historical view of how throughout time, humans how viewed and used food in different ways depending on which culture one is from. This text will help support my research in how humans how culturally evolved with food, from a historical standpoint.

“Cooking is the human activity par excellence: it is the act that transforms a product “from nature” into something profoundly different.” P.29.

Montanari, M. (2006). Food is culture. New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

Another book that I have chosen for my research is The Cultural Feast. Within this text is an anthropological perspective of how humans view and use food in different cultures. This text will help support my research in how globally, humans view and use food.

“Culture has a pervasive influence on human diet; it affects what we eat, when we eat, how we prepare our food, and with whom we share it.” P.86.

Bryant, C. A., DeWalt, K. M., & Courtney, A. (2009). The cultural feast an introduction to food and society. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth.


Food and Culture is another book that I have chosen for my research. Within this book is an anthropological perspective of how people view and use food, but this text reads different regions of the world and their specific cultural eating norms.

“Food as self-expression is especially evident in the experience of dining out. Researchers suggest that restaurants often serve more than food, satisfying both emotional and physical needs.” P.3.

Kittler, P. G., & Sucher, K. (2004). Food and culture (Fourth Edition ed.). Australia: Cengage Learning.


The Philosophy of Food is a text that I have chosen which will support my research in an anthropological sense. This text tackles many different aspects of food, from taste and safety to hunger.

“It also involves a kind of shaping, which lifts the human form above the level of animal life, so as to become fully human, fully sociable, and fully self-aware.” P.25.

Kaplan, D. M. (2012). The philosophy of food. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.


From this website, Business Insider shows what the most American foods are. This will be very helpful for me as I begin to talk about the specifics of what American cuisine actually is. The images provided will also be helpful.

Lutz, A. (2013, July 04). The 25 Most American Foods Of All Time. Retrieved May 03, 2018


This post by NPR includes details on the popular culture of Arab food in Detroit. This is an interesting example of the many varying food cultures that are in the United States.

Guzman, M. (2017, August 23). In Michigan, Museum Food Tours Offer Tastes Of Arab Culture.


This article posted by NPR is an interesting one to discuss when talking about what is available in Costa Rican grocery stores, and comparing it to what the United States has to offer. Interesting perspective from an economic perspective.

“Grocery stores in America have changed from neighborhood corner markets to multimillion-dollar chains that sell convenience”

Dalrymple, L. (2017, May 15). Grocery Stores: ‘The Best Of America And The Worst Of America’.


This is the source that I am using to show what the official recommended diet is for Costa Ricans. This is coming from the United Nations to the people of Costa Rica. This is from a political perspective

Costa Rica uses the healthy eating circle, which is divided into four food groups: cereals, legumes and starchy vegetables; vegetables and fruits; animal-source foods; fats and sugars.

  1. (2018). Costa Rica. Retrieved April 4, 2018


This is the official recommendation that the USDA has put out for Americans in order to have a nutrient based diet and healthy lifestyle. This is a political perspective.

A history of poor eating and physical activity patterns have a cumulative effect and have contributed to significant nutrition- and physical activity-related health challenges that now face the U.S. population.

  1. (n.d.). Food and Nutrition. Retrieved May 03, 2018


This article specifically talks about some nutrition and diet issues that are currently going on in Costa Rica. This article is from a nutrition standpoint.

Industrially processed foods and drinks and fast food are displacing more traditional, nutritious diets across the Americas”

Arias, L. (2016, March 24). Costa Rican diet includes too much salt, processed food, experts say.

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