Interdisciplinarity in Global Mental Health

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Conversations Between Anthropology and Psychiatry: Drawing out the Best from Interdisciplinarity in Global Mental Health was an interesting article in which I found that discusses interdisciplinarity in action. Considering that the program that I have created for myself is partially made up of anthropological courses, I found this sort article to be applicable to be personally.

This article specifically discusses the importance of interdisciplinarity which discussing global health issues. Largely, this article is explaining how important it is for all people involved to keep an open mind about the way that things should be taken care of. As global health issues will be viewed from many different vantage points, possibly being biologically, culturally, politically, economically, and geographically. It is important that all perspectives consider all other perspectives valid, as each have slightly different trainings and different perspectives, they all have great perspectives. Viewing an issue from one perspective is limiting, and likely will leave out some critical points when it comes to solving the many problems in which the world faces today regarding health.

When attempting to solve the many health issues that we are facing around the world, anthropology is a perspective that may be unexpected, but is a valuable one. The anthropological perspective is one in which gets to know and understand the lives of the people who are being directly affected with these many issues. Instead of having a strictly biological perspective, for example, it will likely fill in many gaps. By having someone go into these smaller communities we can truly get to know what the lives of these locals are like. Once this information has been unveiled, it could become more clear as to not only what the best solution could be, but also what the causes of some of these problems are.

Overall this article allowed me to understand how an interdisciplinary, anthropological perspective can be applied to real life. Outside of the anthropological courses that I have taken for my major, I have limited exposure to what anthropologists do for work, it is was very engaging and applicable for me to be able to have a clear example of why the world needs interdisciplinary anthropologist like myself.


Buckton, Amanda R. “Conversations between anthropology and psychiatry: drawing out the best from interdisciplinarity in global mental health.” Australasian Psychiatry 23(6) (2015): n. pag. Web. 13 Apr. 2017.

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  1. That third paragraph is a real gem. I especially liked your point that the anthropological perspective can help not only with solutions, but with understanding the causes of some of the health problems in the first place. Great post, and good find in terms of an article that really connects up with some of your own work!

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