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Overall, these three articles seems to sum up my first impressions of Interdisciplinary Studies. The first article, “Colleges Must Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge,“ really represents the importance of gaining a variety of skills when going to college in order to be better prepared for the real world upon graduation. In “real world” jobs, it is important to have the skills and knowledge that has been learned within the major, as well as communication, writing and psychology just to name a few. It seems to me that it is more important for people to have a variety of skills and knowledge that to be limited to one specific area of study.

CC BY-NC-ND Richard Lee

In the second and third article, The Web We Need to Give Students,and “Do I Own My Domain if You Grade It?” it explains some of the pros and cons to having students own their work and having it be on the internet. It touches upon my concerns about privacy and the fear of being publicly embarrassed if work that students are not proud of is published. This would also allow students the potential to better market themselves for whatever they need to do.

Overall these articles give great insight to the benefits and controversial topics within interdisciplinary studies. They were thought provoking for someone who is about to dive into this innovative area of study.

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  1. Great first post! I might have liked a bit more in the final paragraph, since I am always most interested in what you think about the things we read and how you bring ideas together, but this was such a nicely organized piece, enhanced by the cool image and the great-looking ePort! (Though come to the office if you need help figuring out how to fix the “your logo here” issues up top– we can figure it out together!)

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