To wrap up my college education, in which I have designed to be my own, I am doing an applied project, as well as a research project. In order to decide what each of these tasks are going to be, I first need to brainstorm ideas. At the very beginning of this process I had no idea where to begin. This is why I am brainstorming in this article.

With my major being Cross-Cultural Marketing Studies, it was challenging for me to decide what direction I wanted to go in. As I asked people for suggestions they were quick to suggest a project that was largely marketing based ideas. However, the direction that I hope to go in is more of a culturally focused direction, while using some of the marketing techniques that I have learned in my classes, instead of being vice versa. Regardless, here are some ideas that I have come up with:

  • In April, there will be an event being put on called Global Village. This event is going to be a cultural event that is intended to help educate the plymouth community on other cultures around the world that could be very different from how people here in Plymouth live. Getting involved in this could be a good way for me to use all of the different skills and knowledge that I have learned in my previous course work.
  • Another idea that I have thought of is making a brochure for students that are about to study abroad. Since I have studied abroad 4 times, I certainly have insight from both my major and my experiences abroad.
  • Something else that I am considering doing is taking over the Instagram account in the Global Engagement Office and posting about students experiences studying abroad to market to other students.
  • I could also become some kind of a mentor for students in any point of their study abroad application process. I could help them decide if studying abroad is right for them, what location is best for them, what to pack, some tips and tricks, ect.
  • Lately, I could start a blog about my experiences abroad, tips and tricks for students, the benefits of studying abroad, ect.


My research project has been just as challenging, if not more, to come up with a topic that I want to research. A few ideas that I gave come up with so far have been:

  • Why is there such a difference in how Americans view food compared to how Costa Ricans view food?
  • Why are so many American college students, specifically, so nervous about leaving the country?
  • Is studying abroad beneficial to students in their academics, professional development, and/or personal lives?
  • Why is the majority of study abroad students female?
  • What have tobacco companies done to be successful in continuing to get people to use tobacco products, around the world, even though the health risks are well known?

Truly, my options for research and a project are endless. But here is a short list of a few things that I have thought about as options for me to put the different components of my major together. I am excited to see what the final product will look like in the end.

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  1. Hi, Lyndsey, you brainstormed lots of good ideas here. A Tips/study guide/how-to or blog for those students who want to venture to new countries and experience new cultures is a wonderful way to share your own knowledge and experience with students who are considering studying abroad. I didn’t realize that there is a gender gap in those who do study abroad, it might be interesting to find out more about that and why it might be so, and even more intriguing why some (which groups specifically?) American students choose not to study abroad? Understanding this phenomenom and learning more about this, might bust some stereotypes and biases, even myths, since we know that study abroad opportunities bring such new and rich experience to the equation of education. Great post! I’m sure you will decide on the topics most meaningful to you and I can’t wait to hear more about it when you do!

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