#PSUHumansOfEarth Lyndsey Bradley AP

“’Once you start traveling, it’s not the differences in people that you start to notice, but how incredibly the same everyone is. No matter what the place, everyone is human.'”-Taylor Vicini

Taylor Vicini while traveling through South America

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#PSUHumansOfEarth was the Instagram project that I chose to do for my applied project. Everyday for the month of April I shared a different person’s travel experience, or other kind of cultural exchange experience. I did this in hopes of inspiring others to be curious about new cultures and to get to know people a little better.

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This project relates to my major because it is about culture, which is one aspect of Anthropology. With the wide variety of experiences that people shared, this also falls under sociology. Additionally, I used many of the marketing skills that I have learned in my classes to create an Instagram campaign, so this falls under the marketing aspect of my major as well.


With my three study abroad experiences that I was fortunate enough to have during my undergrad, I hope to be able to work in the study abroad field after college. This project allowed me to express my passion for study abroad, while being able to practice the business skills that I have learned. I enjoyed working on this project because I was able to connect with people who have also had life changing experiences that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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To get the project started, I drafted an email filled with thirteen questions about travel or some kind of cultural exchange. “What is the hardest part about traveling?” and “Tell me about a time that you learned a life lesson while being in a new culture?” were two examples of questions that I asked.

Peyton enjoying the Costa Rican beaches.

In the beginning stages of this project it was fun for the people who sent me their responses quickly, and for me. They were very excited about the project, and for the opportunity to be able to share their experiences on social media to my network. My network is mostly made up of young people who are either currently in college, or high school that have the opportunity to study abroad. I hope to reach them specifically so they can see how powerful international experiences can be.

As the end of May was approaching, it became more of a challenge to get responses from people. Of course I had to complete this project, so I learned quickly how to improvise.  So there were a couple of days that I had to ask a few people that may not have fit the criteria perfectly in order to make a post.

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Overall the project turned out well and based on the fact that I got many likes on the post, I would say that many of my followers enjoyed the project as well. I hope that I have inspired many people to become more curious and open minded! It was great to share all of these life lessons with my friends and family, and anyone that may stumble across my project. I hope people will challenge themselves to try next experiences.

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