Me holding a baby alligator during my time in Louisiana.

I am a graduating senior at Plymouth State University, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. For my major, I have handcrafted my entire undergraduate career by working with faculty to specifically choose courses that allow me to follow my passions. After carefully selecting courses in anthropology psychology, sociology, Spanish and marketing, my program of Cross-Cultural Marketing Studies came together.

After volunteering at an impoverished summer camp, teaching English in the Dominican Republic when I was seventeen, my perspectives changed. I left he island intrigued and curious. This experience had shifted my passions enough to make me want to completely design my undergraduate degree to better understand people psychologically and culturally. I combined those subject areas with tools such as marketing and Spanish language courses to help make my experience also be practical.

Since my time I the Dominican Republic, I made it a point to study abroad during my time at Plymouth State. I spent a semester at the University of New Orleans in Louisiana through the National Student Exchange, a January term at the University of Salamanca in Spain, and a semester at Universidad Veritas in San José, Costa Rica. Through these experiences I have been able to live and experience the content that I have studied throughout my undergraduate career.

Also during my time at Plymouth I have spent two semesters being a Community Advisor. It has been a rewarding experience helping students to become successful college students. Upon graduation I hope to further my experience in Residential Life and become a Residence Director as well as earn a masters degree.

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